FirstClass Tutorials

Learn how to use FirstClass efficiently and effectively

Learn the differences between the FirstClass Unified Mailbox or the Separate Inbox/Outbox and how to switch between them.
Learn how to control the sorting and grouping of items in your mailbox.
Video instructs how to create a signature that can be added to end of emails.  Also shows how to control placement of cursor on quoted replies.
Video shows how to effectively reply and quote emails.  Also demonstrates adding button to toolbar.
Video shows how to manage your Navigation Pane, the Launch Bar and the reading pane.
This video demonstrates the new HTML message capabilities of FirstClass 11 and how to manage the "yellow bar"
Video demonstrates the History, Delete and Unsend functions
Video demonstrates how to subscribe someone to your calendar and how to set appropriate permissions.
This video steps people through the process of Addressing messages and understanding the difference between address book, directory and Internet users
Learn how useful FirstClass résumés can be to help you get to know your other FirstClass users.
Learn a variety of techniques for filtering or limiting the number of items in a mailbox or container and how to summarize the selection.
Video points out a variety of ways that FirstClass users can get access to help.  Both online text and video resources are highlighted.
Learn how to manage FirstClass' built in spell checking and to automatically enable it before sending emails
Learn how you can change your default fonts, color and size of text for all new outgoing messages and how to change the scale for larger text viewing.
Learn how to create personal stationery in FirstClass for commonly sent emails.
Learn how to make aliases of conferences within conferences to add them to your desktop and how to configure your mailbox to help you monitor contributions to conferences.
Learn how you can change your mail form to more closely resemble Microsoft Outlook or choose from a selection of different contact forms.